Museum of Humanity
— September 18, 2018

Since 17 years, photographer Ruben Timman portrays people from all around the world to capture the beauty of Humanity. He and his camera made a stop in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, the home base of ICK. While he made the portraits, we asked the Nieuw – West citizens what ‘The body in Revolt’ means for them. 

1,5 years ago, I suffered from a burn-out. My body and mind were not connected anymore and my body turned itself against me. This was the ultimate body in revolt. I took me some time to accept what was happening to me but once I balanced my body and mind again, I could move on – Daniel Nicoletti (28)

Sometimes I cannot express my emotions with words so I use my body. Sometimes it is hard to describe what is going on in my head so I dance to free myself of these feelings – Lynn Morgan (12)

I associate ‘The body in revolt’ with how the world around me has changed. I’ve experienced different political systems and wars and I see how history keeps on repeating itself, that scares me. – Chris Relleke (93)

Behind the scenes (In Dutch!)

This series was made for the ICK Magazine HET LICHAAM IN OPSTAND #1 with in-depth interviews, behind the scenes, photoshoots and much more around all the activities of ICK in season 18/19. If you would like to receive a printed free (excl. shipping costs) magazine (in Dutch!), send an e-mail to info@ickamsterdam.nl

— Article written by ICK Amsterdam


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