Double Skin/Double Mind#1: Ways of Documenting and Reflecting
— March 2, 2018

After several weeks of both leading and taking part in the Double Skin | Double Mind open classes, I have found that reflecting on the experience is highly valuable in terms of developing not only my practice as a facilitator but also my personal development within the method.

I have been considerably influenced by the work of Bertha Bermúdez Pascual and Anouk LLaurens with regard to their approach to dance documentation. Specifically the workshop set up by Anouk LLaurens entitled “Drawing as a tool for poetic and polyphonic dance documentation”, where participants are invited to draw the experience of revisiting a particular movement exploration.

During the last DSDM open class I decided to try out this idea of documenting dance through drawing. My initial idea being to participate in the class and take several short breaks to sit and draw. In effect, documenting live movement as I saw it. However, I found it quite difficult to participate physically from the inside and observe from the outside, so I decided to take ten minutes at the end of the class to revisit the experience both from an internal perspective (how I experienced the movement) and from an external perspective (how I experienced the participants around me moving).

What I find interesting about this way of documenting and reflecting is the immediate response to the experience of moving. I was not preoccupied with creating images on the page, but more with reproducing an honest memory of the way I perceived myself and the bodies around me.

Below are the images that represent my perception of the different stages of the class (Jumping, Expanding and Reducing).




Edward Lloyd studied at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance (UK) graduating in 2012. As a freelance dance artist he has worked with choreographers including Tina Tarpgaard, Lea Anderson and Henri Oguike, among others. Edward was a member of the ICK ensemble from 2014-2015, returning in May 2017. Together with colleague dancer Arad Inbar he gives a monthly open Double Skin | Double mind class at the ICK studio, as part of their DS|DM teachers training.

The next open class will take place on March 15. More info

— Article written by Edward Lloyd


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