Podcast The Body in Revolt: Eros
— July 7, 2023

with Charles Pas

The episode Eros is a conversation with Charles Pas, a maker of physical, visual theatre performances. For him, movement is the way to address audiences directly on their experience and feelings. Charles Pas has been an artist in residence at ICK since January 2023. In this episode, you can hear about Charles’s vision on theatre and listen to the inspirations for his performances Victory Boogie Woogie and Person Longing for Human, still to be seen at De Parade and at Over Het IJ Festival 2023!

this episode is in Dutch

The Body in Revolt is a podcast by ICK Dans Amsterdam about the strength and vulnerability of the body. Artistic conversations with a choreographer, interdisciplinary artist, dancer or researcher. Together we fathom the state of the body: a dialogue between ICK’s philosophy and the guest’s specific fascination.   

ICK Dans Amsterdam, under the direction of Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten, is based in its own Space for Dance Art in Amsterdam Nieuw-West since 2021 and consists of three pillars: a dance company, a dance production house for young makers, and a research and education pillar.   

This podcast is made and made possible by:

Host: Ingrid van Schijndel / Concept: Pieter C. Scholten / Format: Astrid Klein Haneveld, Ingrid van Schijndel, Suzan Tunca, Florian Hellwig / Production: Han van Poucke / Sound technician: Remco Sounds/Remco Langedijk (Change Inc.) / Technical production: Hugo van der Veldt / Music: Annelinde Bruijs / Podcaststudio: Change Inc. / Cover art: Damien Blottiere 

— Article written by Astrid Klein Haneveld