The New Measurement #3
— June 30, 2020

Around the world, around the world, we’re going around the world. 

Our bodies are just like atomic particles, how they move through space. Floating and weightless, light and heavy, ascending and falling. With the series The new measurement,ICK dans Amsterdam proposes an astrophysics of dance.  

The new measurement, one of the seven key words around which ICK develops its artistic parcourse for the next four years, is both a research about the astrophysical concepts of time and space in choreography as a metaphorical opening to discover new (social) pathways and perspectives.   

When a lockdown condemned the dancers to their own living room, the idea of space, of breathing, of dancing together got a whole new dimension, a new measurement. This video is a reflection of a certain time, in a certain space where bodies search for a temporary ‘grip’ that is specific and at the same time indefinable. 

A video series by the ICK-dancers moving to the new measurement. 

The new measurement #3

The New Measurement – Part Three from ICK on Vimeo.

Video edit: Isaiah Wilson

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— Article written by ICK Amsterdam


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